"He is ugly and sad… but he is all love."

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez (via allmymetaphors)



im writing a paper on Francis Bacon (the artist, not the philosopher) and damn his life was f*cked up. it sucks that i have to write 2500 words in one day, but what sucks worse is that Francis Bacon was given morphine as a child to help with asthma (?) leading to vivid hallucinations, then as a…


Francis Bacon / In Memory of George Dyer / 1971

that episode of sponge bob where they’re carrying squidward around and in the first place he says “too hot” so they move him but in the second place he says “too cold” so they move him again and then he says “toulouse lautrec!”
god. everything is so much better after art history class. 

"Hold back the edges of your gown, Ladies, we are going through hell."

William Carlos Williams (via allmymetaphors)

in response to people who ask me “do you think I should shave?” 


I don’t give a FUCK


god i cant stop thinking about LA and me and sophie would go to the pool late at night and smoke cigarettes and play this song over and over